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Oman by UTMB

du 28/11/2019 au 30/11/2019

Three races. Three distances. Three opportunities to take on the epic Hajar mountain range.
Oman by UTMB® is a runner’s dream – an ultra trail along mountain top ridges, through villages, palm plantations, deep wadis and narrow gorges. 
Take a look at the distances available and book your place today.

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Les courses

JBS 170Km

The JBS is an incredibly tough and technical challenge only recommended for extremely experienced adventurers. Participants must be confident in their ability to cover very challenging terrain whilst being completely self-sufficient for a minimum of 10 hours as there are significant distances between the Aid Stations on the Jebel Shams section of the route.


Early Bird Price 225€ (96.7 OMR)
Normal Price 250€ (107.5 OMR)

JBA 130Km

The first edition of the Oman by UTMB proved to be a big hit in 2018 and was labelled one of the most technical UTMB routes in trail running. Runners will go face to face with the Green Mountain, Jebel Al Akhdar, run through ancient, deserted villages, traverse plateaus, navigate stunning ridges and pass through beautiful wadis, before finally descending into the traditional mountain village of Misfat Al Abriyyin and on to the finish.


Early Bird Price 199€ (85.6 OMR)
Normal Price 220€ (94.6 OMR)

AHM 50Km

New to the 2019 Oman by UTMB is the 50KM race, perfect for runners looking for a tough but fair challenge. Starting in Al Hamra, runners will have to overcome more than 2,300m of climbing, with almost 2,000m coming in the first half of the race. They will reach their highest point at Qiyut and run long the top of the plateau before descending through the mountains to Coffee House, through Misfat and on to the finish line at Al Hamra.


Early Bird Price 100€ (43 OMR)
Normal Price 120€ (51.6 OMR)


10km with 223m of ascent

Age Group 15+ years 
Time: 08:00am

Price 25€ (10 OMR)


5km with 125km of ascent

Age Group (1): 15+ years - 09:00am
Age Group (2): 12 - 14 years - 09:30am>

Price 12€ (5 OMR)


2km with 34m of ascent

Age Group (1) 10 - 13 years - 10:00am
Age Group (2): 6 - 9 years - 10:30am

Price 5€ (2 OMR)